Revenue Uplift Estimator Results

Using CashBox digital businesses have experienced increases in customer retention by up to 30%. This increase translates directly to the bottom line.

Even the smallest increase in customer retention results in large revenue increases due to the power of extending the average customer lifetime value.

This type of impact on revenue is accomplished due to a combination of features CashBox incorporates.

  • Advanced Retention Technology (ART) – Goes further than standard retention and retry logic by analyzing fail transactions, leveraging the Vindicia network and capturing some of the most challenging transactions.

  • Vindicia Client Network – We have processed over $4 billion in transactions, maintain 120 million customer accounts and store over 80 million credit cards. As a result, we understand the patterns around what types of transactions should successfully go through and which ones won’t.

  • Campaign Management – Clients create promotions or coupons with the correct retention message to keep customers.

  • Best Practices – With our experience and network we provide insight into our best practices from customer communication to subscription billing.

Please Note: All results are based on estimates from existing clients with assumptions around generalized impact of uplift. Each digital business’ results will be particular to their specific business model and demographics.